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Strawberry Yogurt with Green Secrets

This post is sponsored by Bosch.

Since we recently started selling a couple of Bosch products in our brand new Swedish webstore, today is the day when we test their high speed blender. You need frozen strawberries, and if you’ve ever tried to eat a frozen strawberry, you would know that’s not possible (without a follow-up at the dentist’s). Therefore, you need a blender with a very strong motor.

Besides frozen strawberries, this blueish yogurt requires spinach, beetroot and chia seeds. And our kids love it! But don’t forget to blend the yoghurt until it’s completely smooth and creamy. Sprinkle some fresh berries on top, and eat it with a spoon, or add some water and pour it into a glass.

Strawberry Yogurt
(2 large servings)

2 green bananas
1 small beetroot
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 handful fresh spinach
1 tbsp chia seeds
0.5 cup coconut milk

Peel and cut the bananas into chunks, and freeze for at least 60 minutes. Peel the beetroot (if it’s organic you don’t have to, but it will taste less earthy if peeled = greater chance the kids’ will love it). Mix all the ingredients in your high speed blender, until the yogurt is smooth and creamy. Add some water if you would like a thinner consistency. Serve with your (or your children’s) favorite topping, for example fresh berries.

As we said before, this post is sponsored by Bosch.

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