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New York, New York

Just got back from New York City, and boy, did we have a good time. Here are some of the things we accomplished:

1 A book signing at the hip and happening The Class by Taryn Toomey. While our guests were sweating, we prepared anti-inflammatory turmeric shots and kale cucumber drinks. Since we couldn’t join the class – we didn’t want our sweat-dripping foreheads to ruin the book signing – we promised to be back next time we’re in New York.

2 To visit our american publishing house – Skyhorse Publishing. Mia to the left (trying hard to escape the jet lag), Kim in the middle and Felicia to the right.

3 To wolf down the most delicious lunch ever at ABCV.

4 An exciting meeting with some of the founders of Sakara Life.

5 A couple of blowouts at the Drybar (at the very last minute, Lina stopped Mia from choosing Southern Comfort).

6 Walk more than 15.000 steps a day. A piece of cake if you’re in NYC, especially when the sun is shining. Here we are at the High Line.

7 An intimate book signing at our friend Camilla’s house. We had such a good time that we forgot to take pictures. So, this is Lina after the party, when all food had been eaten and all guests had left.

Also, we met with PR agents, event experts, lovely Amy, Lulu Lemon, had lots of great food, and so much more. Stay tuned.

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