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Last week’s news

It’s true, our pace has slowed down a bit, both here on the blog and in our private lives. From running around all autumn​ like two headless chickens, jumping between meetings, lectures, interviews, therapy couches, podcast studios, and hotel receptions, we have now arrived at the point where Lina’s biggest effort consists of strolling around in Marais shoes, while Mia is busy entertaining herself by peeling brussel sprouts (she pulled the shortest straw).

However, the world doesn’t stop spinning just because we happen to – and last week has brought us news to share:

a) Half of all Swedes are fat or obese. In an annual report of the Public Health Agency in Sweden (released last week), we read that we are eating too much and exercising too little, and that ​this is​ “a growing public health problem”. The phenomenon of people​ eat​ing​ too few fruits and vegetables has increased, strangely enough. And the trend is that more people spend their free time in sedentary activity.

b) “Ugly” food gets thrown away more. ​Seems great​, considering that about a third of all food grown globally is never eaten. In the Swedish SvD newspaper it has been estimated recently that almost all of the food we throw away is either fruit or vegetables, and that a common reason for this is that they are sometimes ”ugly” and don’t fit the ideal. You can read more about this here (unfortunately only in Swedish).

c) And along with that we’ve learned that Swedish households are the worst when it comes to throwing away food. The food waste among households is 45 times higher than that of restaurant kitchens or supermarkets. Makes us want to dedicate a podcast episode to this subject soon: how to shop right, freeze, and eat every part of the vegetable, and how to avoid throwing away food.

In addition to all this, we have been busy reading Christmas gift books and board game instructions.

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