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Three vegetarian dinners

Three working days, three different sets of circumstances, three vegetarian dinners. Last week turned out to be a pretty typical week for us.

We guess you know by now that we’re a couple of bohemians. Let’s put it like this, to buy all the groceries for the whole week in one go is not our cup of tea. We’re just not good at it, nor are we good at weekly meal plans. And that’s why we look like two question marks when we come home from work and open the fridge. What the heck do we make for dinner?

1 Lina’s Chinese food

This quick and easy veggie dish is our go-to at the moment. You need kelp noodles, cashews and whatever vegetables you have lying around. And some sesame oil and soy to spice things up. What’s so amazingly amazing about this dish is that it only gets better over night. We always make an extra two (or three, or four) servings and eat it a couple of days in a row. You’ll find the recipe here.

2 Dinner smoothie

This dinner kills the myth that all dinners must look the same. Here on our blog we welcome all shapes and sizes. Like a dinner smoothie. It’s perfect for when there’s no time or energy. The sky’s the limit when it comes to variations!

3 Food Pharmacy’s beet burger

TGIF (or Saturday or Sunday) and we have some extra time and energy to spare. That’s when we prepare our delicious beet burgers with finely grated beets, oat flakes and chia seeds. Loved by the whole family. We eat them with homemade coleslaw, mustard, tomatoes and lettuce. We know we shouldn’t tease you (that’s a lie right there), but you will have to wait for our cookbook to get the recipe (we’ll let you know when it’s available in English). Hey, does anyone have a napkin? We keep drooling over these goodies.

Surprise visit: Take-out

We know, some days you just don’t feel like it. That’s when we thank all the amazing take-outs out there. If you’re in Stockholm, you should definitely try Pepstop (Riddargatan). Their kelp noodle salad. OMG.

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