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On Sunday we gathered excitedly around the tv to watch SVT Agenda. We knew it would be about intestinal flora, and whether the current interest in this subject is just a passing fad or something that’s here to stay (spoiler alert: it’s here to stay). What we didn’t know, however, was that we would be part of the program.

So, as long as we’re talking about it, we figured we might as well share some bad-quality screenshots for your enjoyment:

There was a clip from this past spring, when we were invited to appear on the Swedish tv-show “Malou after ten.” And appear we did, complete with banana sweatshirt ​and all.

Ok, enough about us. Let’s instead focus on the fact that our new guest blogger, science journalist Henrik Ennart, was interviewed during the program. And, sitting there directly to his left, we found our friend Anna, who runs one of our favorite restaurants in Stockholm, Pom & Flora,  together with her husband Rasmus. Hi Henrik! Hi Anna!

And hello Tim Spektor! We don’t​ ​know you but we read everything you write. By the way, can you give us your address so that we can send you our book as soon as it’s published in English (early January)? Thanks in advance and hugs!

If you know Swedish, see the full section here.

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