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Homemade (and gift-worthy) Christmas candy

There’s one week left until Christmas, and with an impressive foresight (shocking, we know), we’re giving you a list of our best recipes for Christmas candy.

The clementine slices in the picture above are part of our latest experiments, and they’re so easy to prepare that you don’t even need a recipe. All you need is two organic clementines, which, after washing them, you slice thin and spread out onto a sheet of baking paper. Place them in the oven at the lowest temperature (120 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius) and let them sit there overnight. The next day take out your dried clementines slices, melt dark chocolate in a hot water bath and let the slices take a quick dip. Let them dry on baking paper. Done!

And, here are our other two favorites. We’ll start from the bottom up to make it a little more exciting.

2nd place

The dedication reads: With their irresistible charm and simplicity, these Christmas trees have earned their place on the Christmas table.

Christmas candy-tips: Christmas trees made of watermelon

1st place

The dedication reads: Sweetened with a few dates, given a sticky texture using creamy tahini, and flavored with lovely december cinnamon. And also – not a nut in sight, so they’re good for most people. These granola-squares will definitely do the trick on the Christmas table.

N​ut-free​ gran​ola-squares​ ​with​ cinnamon

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