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Intestinal flora in focus on Swedish Tv-show

Two days ago, we brought both our food blender and our gut bacteria to the channel 4 tv-house, and were featured as guests on the tv-show Malou efter tio (Malou after ten). In the show we discussed intestinal flora, and made some recipes that our bacteria (and our children’s bacteria) can enjoy: Luke Skywalker’s granola, “meat sauce” on red lentils, strawberry yogurt, green blueberry soup, hot chocolate, and apple pie cookies (almost all the recipes can be found here or here if you suddenly feel an acute craving). Maybe these aren’t exactly revolutionary recipes that will change the gastronomic food scene, but sometimes (read: quite often) the simple things are the best.

malout efter tio tv4

For example, many of you might find it hard to cook healthy weekday dinners. To this we can only say: Take it easy. Let go of the dinner stress for a while and start focusing on changing up your snacks instead. A good snack (smoothie, porridge, quick “ice cream”?) can actually be filled with nutrition.

Or, focus on breakfast, the biggest sugar-culprit of them all. Why not try our green blueberry soup or strawberry yogurt to start your day?

In the studio, we were joined by another intestinal flora nerd (we’re a small but tight gang) named Lars Engstrand, a professor and chief physician in the field of intestinal research. He liked our apple pie bites. And we like people who like our apple pie bites.

malou efter tio tv4

But joy is fleeting, as you know. In just twelve short minutes it was over. The lights went out and the cameras were directed towards some other exciting guests. And we walked slowly home, lugging our mixer, our artichokes, and our green bananas. But not our apple pie cookies. Lars had taken them back to his lab.

Watch the full clip here.

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