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Our cookbook in Polish

It’s time to call all your Polish friends and tell them that our cookbook is finally available in Polish. It was two weeks ago today that we took a trip to Kraków and did some PR for our cookbook, which was released during our visit there. In just two days, we managed to do: three interviews, a film shoot, two book signings, a lecture and a crazy cooking class.

Yes, we promise. Check it out for yourself:

We didn’t get much sleep but it was worth it. And, we’ll be back! Maybe only because we already miss our publisher, Magda, a lot (she’s in the picture above). A really wonderful, kind person, and one that we feel very lucky to know!

You’re more than welcome to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And buy our first book in German here or in Polish here, and our new cookbook in Swedish here. And buy professor Bengmark’s Synbiotic15 here.



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