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Don’t worry about how you look, think about how your food is making you feel instead

In the latest issue of the magazine ELLE Sweden there’s an interview with Mia, in which she discusses her views on health, and talks about what keeps her inspired. She also relates how it feels to change direction in the middle of life and start a business with a best friend. Hopefully her story will be inspirational to people who dream about change, but don’t really dare to take that leap of faith.

It should be noted however, that not all of the interview made it to print — items left out included: Mia’s weakness for Savasana (the final relaxation-pose in yoga, in which you lay on your back on the mat and the yoga instructor comes around and tickles your neck), what’s in her training bag (a forgotten damp towel that smells like skunk), and her plans for the future (the big novel she wants to write).

And above all, we’re sad that the part where Mia calls Lina a “guru” didn’t make it. Having a Dale/Dumber/Thomson to hold your hand while on the roller coaster of starting an independent business has been vital for us. We are eternally grateful that we have each other!

Anyway, while we still have your attention, we’ll take the opportunity to mention that this week’s podcast episode won’t be coming out until next week. The combo of: book launch in Poland + two bohemian bloggers + life, we just couldn’t get it together this week. It’ll be even more fun to listen to next week though, right?!

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