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Three simple tips on how to reduce your sugar intake.

It might seem like we’re a little in love with the science journalist and author Ann Fernholm … well ok, we admit it, we are! Three days ago, she was a guest on the Swedish television show “SVT Plus”, where she talked about her favorite subject – sugar – and she did a stunning job as usual. You can see the entire clip here. It ends with these three tips on how to reduce your sugar intake:

1. Most of the sugar we eat comes from candy and soda. Skip the soda and save the juice for special occasions. Make sure the kids eat no more than 5-6 pieces of candy on Saturday (the traditional “Candy Day” for kids in Sweden).

2. Take a closer look at your breakfast and snacks. Watch out for sugar in cereals and flavored milk products. Get rid of the chocolate milk.

3. When you’re baking – use half the amount of sugar in all recipes.

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