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The blog turns 3 today!

We can’t believe it’s been THREE YEARS since we published our very first blog post. Time flies. And at the same time, ONLY three years, it feels like so much longer. We will celebrate all week long, and first off (tomorrow), we have something for you. We know many of you have asked and longed for… A little something for your ears… Something that you can listen to on your way to work, or on your way home from work, or in the kitchen, or while doing your nails, or while removing lice from your child’s head…

The podcast! In Swedish. We promise (or at least hope), someday there will be an English version. But if you know Swedish, be sure to stop by tomorrow for the very first episode of our very first podcast. Can’t wait!

You’re more than welcome to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And buy our first book in German here or in Polish here, and our new cookbook in Swedish here. And buy professor Bengmark’s Synbiotic15 here.



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