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The art of getting started

One of the most common questions we get asked concerning healthy eating habits is how to get started. We never get tired of this because we believe that we have some good answers. Because, in all honesty, our love affair with intestinal flora is a fairly recent thing. Really, before we knew about the importance of maintaining a healthy gut, we pretty much lived on things that discouraged good bacteria and gave free rein to the evil ones. You know, lots of sugar, lots of low-nutrition foods (à la spaghetti with tomato sauce, white bread with cheese, and pizza), and so much processed, pre-made food, often full of additives.

So, if we can get started, you can too. And here are some things we can recommend to help you begin the journey:

1. Knowledge. In our case, what inspired us was undoubtedly all the exciting research on the impact of food on our overall health. Delve deep into that here.

2. Try thinking of this process in terms of adding things to your diet, rather than removing them. We’re not interested in denying ourselves the good things in life. On the contrary – we love to eat, hopefully lots of food, and always tasty.

3. Find little shortcuts. Don’t try to change all your habits overnight, just concentrate on taking small steps, like adding a spoon of lacto-fermented vegetables to each meal (lactic acid contains lots of good bacteria and lowers your blood sugar). Always mix three colors in a salad (it increases the antioxidant content) or drink a green smoothie every day. Simple, easy changes that will work in your day-to-day life!

4. Clean out your pantry, refrigerator, freezer, handbag, desk drawer … Minimize the number of unhealthy traps and temptations at home.

These tips + lots of facts + and lots of laughs can be found in the weekly episode of the Food Pharmacy podcast, which you’ll find here, and here.

PS. The recipe for the irresistible cookies shown in the picture can be found here.

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