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We hope you didn’t miss yesterday’s podcast about our second brain (if so, drop what you’re doing and catch up here!). We thought it might be nice to complete the episode by re-posting some of the articles we refer to in the podcast, in order to (hopefully) tie it all together a little more.

Speaking of brains, we really wonder how ours is doing? We’ve been sitting here for a some time now, trying to put a period at the end of the title, but every time we hit the period on the keyboard, it appears as a comma instead. After a moment or two of despair, we realized that it was just a little dirt on the screen below the period. Now the screen is cleaned, the period is in the right place, and order is restored once more: except, possibly, in our brains.

Sorry for getting side tracked. But here goes: a little selection about psychobiotics, depression and our “other” brain:


Professor Felicie Jacka: It’s time we see diet as an important, new treatment approach to depression and anxiety.

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