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Happy Food

In our lectures and podcasts we often mention a name – hint – it’s a name that starts with Henrik and ends with Ennart. Henrik Ennart is a science journalist and author, and has just released what seems to be a really important, timely and happy book about intestinal flora and its connection to our mental health. The book is called Happy food: om hur mat och lycka hänger ihop (the connection between food and happiness). And, nothing makes us happier than the fact that it is an entire book about how to both treat and protect yourself from mental illness, by thinking about what you eat.

In an interview published in the Swedish magazine ”Må Bra”, we read the following statement from Mr Ennart:

– In some of the largest studies in the world, it’s been shown that there are strong connections between mental illness, and a diet rich in foods that contain lots of sugar, bad fats, and high glycemic-index values, and only small amounts of fruits and vegetables.

When studies are showing that 30-40 percent of participants suffering from depression and anxiety become basically symptom-free just by changing their diets, it would be totally irresponsible to sweep this new knowledge under the rug.
– It’s time to truly understand that the head is connected to the body.

Please read the book, and don’t forget to listen to our very interesting podcast episode about diet and its impact on mental health.

Last but not least, have a nice and happy Monday!

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