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Boost your immune system with our anti-inflammatory online course.

We’ve never made ourselves any business cards, which is probably for the best because we wouldn’t really know what to write on them. Maybe something like “writers” and “bloggers”.  And now, as of two days ago, we’re also ”podcasters”. In addition to all the above, we’ve made an anti-inflammatory online course. But we couldn’t really call ourselves “anti-inflammatory online influencers”, or could we…?

Anyway, instead of printing business cards, we’ll just take this opportunity to tell you all about our course here on the blog. Our guess is that there are many happy health enthusiasts out there, who bought our cookbook and now want to know more about the connection between intestinal bacteria, intestinal flora, and the immune system, but don’t have the time to read our first book.

If that sounds like you, then check out the course! It’s sort of a simplified version of Food Pharmacy’s book Food Pharmacy: A Guide to Gut Bacteria, Anti-inflammatory Foods, and Eating for Health, along with pictures from the book’s “important facts” section, many delicious recipes, a week-long menu, and a lot of fun short videos. And unlike the book, it ends with an interactive section in which you get to start eating foods that will strengthen your immune system and intestinal flora.

Sounds like something you’d like to try? Or maybe something you would give as a gift to a friend/relative/ballet teacher?

If so, check out the course here.

You’re more than welcome to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And buy our first book in German here or in Polish here, and our new cookbook in Swedish here. And buy professor Bengmark’s Synbiotic15 here.



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