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2 x gold.

Thursday was a big day.

We’ve already bragged about it on Instagram, and even though we’ve had a whole weekend to come back down to earth, we’re still proud enough to go ahead and decorate the blog with our success.

On Thursday we had the great honor of receiving the Healthy Business Award at Oscarsteatern in Stockholm.

It was a whirlwind. Immediately after getting off stage, Lina took both the flower bouquets home while Mia jumped in a cab, went to Bromma Airport, boarded a flight, disembarked from that flight, found a restaurant at Landvetter Airport called Käk-in (a Swedish wordplay that turns check-in into food-in), jumped in another cab, got off at the classic venue Rondo in Gothenburg, met the world’s best designer Anna, had a glass of bubbly with her, ate dinner, watched the award ceremony of the Swedish Design Prize and …

… won gold for the best book design! How proud are we? Above you can see Anna giving her acceptance speech. And yes, it’s true that Mia stood next to her and cheered – it was Anna’s turn to be in the spotlight that evening, and nobody else.

We could have easily stayed up there forever, just enjoying ourselves, if it wasn’t for the two men with trumpets who suddenly appeared and bumped us off stage.

They turned out to be part of the famous Swedish group Bo Kaspers Orkester, so it was all good.

They were very friendly, and as you can see in this picture, they let us get close enough to almost take a selfie with Bosse, the singer of the band.

Anyway, we’re so thrilled. And best of all – we know it’s the many people out there that voted for us, they’re the real reason we won the Swedish Design Prize. It’s all a bit overwhelming! We just don’t know how to thank you, except to say:

Thanks, from the bottom of our colons.

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