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Three simple tips for a healthy autumn.

On Tuesday, we were honored to give a lecture at the art space Artipelag on Värmdö in the Stockholm Archipelago, for one of the Nordic region’s largest grocery retailers. After the lecture (which went well, thanks for asking), a tall and noble man with an impressive beard walked up to us and thanked us for the lecture.

– I was so inspired to start eating healthier, he said, scratching his head. But I still don’t know where to start?

That feeling of wanting to, but not knowing how, is something that most of us can relate to. You buy a cookbook, but never cook any of the recipes. You buy a jar of green powder that you later have to throw away when the best before date is passed. You’re filled with good ambitions, but nothing happens.

So, we put together a list to the man with the beard, and other lost souls out there. Three simple tips on how to boost yourself during the autumn.

1. Put kale, ginger, water, apple, avocado and lemon into a mixer and press start (don’t mind exact measurements, trust your gut feeling). A green smoothie is the best way to eat a lot of vegetables, with the least amount of effort. You do not have to chop, plane or strip – all you have to do is shop the vegetables before putting them in the mixer. Or, if you struggle with that task too, buy a finished smoothie somewhere. Just make sure it doesn’t contain too much fruit, and ask the staff to put some extra green leaves in your smoothie while they’re at it.

2. Mix at least three colors when you eat vegetables. This is a crazy easy way to raise the nutrition levels in your food. Different colors contain different antioxidants, which additionally have the great ability to strengthen each other if you mix them. So if you do not have any plans to replace your ”taco-friday” ​​with something more healthy in the fall, you can at least decorate it with cucumber, corn and onion.

3. Add a tablespoon of lacto-fermented vegetables next to your food. This is probably the lazy’s shortcut number one. Make sure to always have a jar of lacto-fermented vegetables in the fridge and make it a habit to add two tablespoons with your food. It’s an easy way to increase your nutritional uptake, and it’s a treat for your good bacteria in the intestine.

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