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Three favorite supplements.

1) We usually try to stress that you can get most of the nutrition you need through your food, but as our nutritionist Maria Berglund Rantén wrote so wisely on Monday: itamin D  (from exposure to sunlight) is hard to get in the wintertime, at least here in Sweden. We have received many questions about this, and people often ask what brand we choose. We are not strictly faithful to any particular brand, but recently we bought some liquid vitamin D in a bottle from Swedish Holistic. It has a cool little dropper, so we can administer a dose directly by mouth. Reminds us of puberty a bit (in a good way), those carefree childhood days when you could drink straight from the milk carton with no embarrassment.

2)  Omega-3 is another challenge, and is often just as hard to get enough of as Vitamin D. For this we like to go with krill-oil supplements. Yup, krill, those little guys you may know from the bottom of the food chain. Same thing goes here: we have no favorite brand. We usually just go to one of our trusty local health food stores, for example Lemuria on Nybrogatan in Stockholm (whose physical store location has unfortunately closed recently), or Gryningen on Folkungagatan, and ask what they recommend.

3) And last but not least, we take Stig’s Synbiotic15 every day. This is a supplement of good bacteria and fibers, which are so important in nurturing intestinal flora. The Swedish National Food Agency recommends that we eat 25 grams of fiber a day, so the 5 grams in Stig’s bag is a good start.

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