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This year’s inspirer.

”Congratulations! You are nominated in the category – This Year’s Inspirer – at the Swedish Health Awards 2017”.

That’s how the email begins that we just received from the Swedish Health Awards (correct, we are in Lina’s car getting some work done in between two meetings, with only 3% left of the battery, so we better hurry up before the computer dies). So, we are nominated for This Year’s Inspirer and if we’re really lucky we’ll get to receive this price from Swedish TV icon Agneta Sjödin, at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm, on November 9th.

Again – we’re not telling you this to brag, it’s more like a kind evidence that we are doing something good. After three years of hard work we finally get heard, and that inspires us to keep working, of course.

Anyhow, you can apparently vote for us here: We barley dare to ask you if… yes, you know… but we will be very happy if you can!

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