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Research on bacteria is all the rage these days.

When we were young, we learned three things:

  1. Pink is a girly color.
  2. You will go bankrupt if you call the “Hot Line” too much.
  3. Bacteria are evil.

Don’t believe everything you learn – putting aside gender discussions and the problems surrounding “hot lines,” today we are going to focus on bacteria.

Despite what we learned as kids – that germs are bad – research has since shown that we should not be thinking of bacteria as something to avoid. It’s actually quite impossible to avoid bacteria, as they outnumber the actual cells in your body (making you, in a sense, more bacterial than human).

To put it simply, bacteria can be divided into two categories: good and bad. The good bacteria protect us from various debris entering our bodies, and have proven to have a positive effect on our immune system, while the bad bacteria (if they grow too large in quantity) can make us sick. Therefore, research on good bacteria is now one of the hottest research areas, and every other day, we read about the exciting connections between our bacteria and our health.

The other day, our friend, science journalist Ann Fernholm, sent us the happy news that treatment with good bacteria, a so-called probiotic treatment, has been shown to help with peanut allergies. Researchers have known for some time that peanut allergies tend to decrease when the allergic person eats small doses of peanuts on a daily basis, but as soon as they stop, the allergy resurfaces. Now, however, it has been concluded that if the peanut treatment is combined with a good bacteria, known to have a calming effect on the immune system, called Lactobacillus rhamnosus CGMCC 1.3724 (for those who feel like memorizing that), the effect may be long-lasting – at least for the majority of patients who have been treated.

This is just one example of all studies that show the positive effects of good bacteria on our health. We feel like we’re on to something! Might be time to make our coconut yoghurt, chock full of very good bacteria.

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