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Like us on Facebook.

We’ve noticed lots of new followers on our blog recently, guess that’s what happens when you release a new book? We were also guests at the Swedish TV show “Malou after 10” on Monday (rerun from the spring). That probably also contributed to the new faces we see (yes, we are rocket scientists).

So now, we would like to take the opportunity to welcome you here! We recommend liking us on Facebook, that way you’ll get daily updates and links to other interesting articles. Click here or search for “Food Pharmacy” on Facebook, it’s easy!

And if we were you, we would do it straight away, because tomorrow we’ll reveal the recipe for our chocolate cake (see picture above), something you don’t want to miss.

You’re more than welcome to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And buy our first book in German here or in Polish here, and our new cookbook in Swedish here. And buy professor Bengmark’s Synbiotic15 here.



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