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Food Pharmacy + the Swedish radio.

The day before yesterday was Sunday (finally), and the time had come for Lina to teach Hanna Hellqvist and the radio crew about intestinal floras and healthy bacterias. We both wanted to be there, but since the Swedish radio P3 was determined to only interview one of us, we had to play rock-paper-scissors (best of three), and Lina won.

Of course, no one has ever accused Lina of showing up early. The broadcast started at 9 am and at 8.55, when Mia called for a last minute pep-talk, Lina answered that she was just going to ”brush her teeth” and that she would ”call back soon”. Also, she is basically neighbors with the Swedish radio station, but anyway.

She made it (!), and it turned out to be a fun hour spent in the world of intestinal flora. While Mia stayed home in bed drinking coffee and navel-gazing, Lina took the listeners on an exciting journey through different indigenous bacterias, as well as pizza-cravings and kebnekeise peaks.

And during the music-breaks she came to the conclusion that the Swedish radio should re-think their snack options, or fika, as we say in Sweden.

You’ll find the whole reportage here (unfortunately only in Swedish) – check it out!

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