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Date balls with liquorice that look like s**t.

Today, we’re making date balls with liquorice. But first, a link, a link, and a link.

Yesterday, we had lunch at Yolo (their menu is free from refined sugars, completely gluten and lactose free, organic and locally produced), with this fab woman. Not only is she the best yogi and chef, she’s also the inventor of the world’s tastiest rocky road. You’ll find it on page 145 in the Swedish version of our cookbook.

Phew. Done linking.

Anyhow, she mentioned that she had made some sweets a couple of days ago: date balls with liquorice. Wow, we almost fainted from tastiness. Obviously, we desperately needed the recipe, and you know what? We got it. Lucky us, it’s so simple to prepare.

Grab some dates, 1 tbsp liquorice powder, and some coconut oil. Rub the dates with a little bit coconut oil.

Shake the sticky dates with the liquorice powder for a few seconds.

Until they look like this. Almost like elk droppings. Meh, whatevs. Goodnessgracioushowdelicious.

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