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The Food Pharmacy girls’ new recipes for your belly.

This weekend we have a) spent a lot of time in the car travelling from Stockholm to Gothenburg, and b) still not recovered from being referred to as “the Food Pharmacy girls” on the cover of the Swedish magazine Topphälsa.

Ah, look at those feet. Or should we say jeans?

Question: What do you do when your feet aren’t photo-friendly?

Answer: You cover them up with jeans.

Anyhow, we flip the magazine open and blush. “The Food Pharmacy success – magic food for your health”. Ok, the plan was to not show any of our new recipes here on the blog, well, we thought we would sell more books that way (pre-order here in Swedish). But, too late for that now since one of the best recipes is outed in the magazine: our lasagna with pumpkin parmesan. Warmly recommended!

And on the next page, you’ll find our chinese food (we suggest you double the recipe, it only gets better over night), our buckwheat pancakes, and our massaged everyday go-to salad. Thank you Topphälsa for the article, and with these words, it’s officially time for a foot bath.

No, wait a minute, we just have to…

This is definitely not an interior design blog, but we just have to show you the fabulous home that we stayed in when we visited the Swedish festival Way Out West this weekend. Belongs to a dear friend. Love it!

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