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Swedes eat more meat than ever.

After a long summer, we’re finally back at the office. And, waiting on our desks was a report, presented by the University of Oxford at the, try saying this three times fast, 20th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis.

The researchers found taxes on red and processed meat would lead to huge and vital cuts in climate emissions, as well as saving lives via healthier diets. The link between meat consumption and disease has been widely known for years, and so has the direct link to climate change – the meat industry is the biggest culprit, and the global healthcare costs due to the consumption of red and processed meat are estimated to 300 billion USD (!) by the year 2020.

Still, Swedes are consuming more meat than ever. Don’t be fooled by the growing interest in vegan and vegetarian food, new figures show a continued increase in meat consumption. And, we’re sorry to say, last year we beat the record: Swedes consumed 87.7 kilograms of meat per person in 2016.

A record we should not be proud of, and a dangerous trend that has to stop. Dear Government, please tax unhealthy foods that cause inflammation and lead to illness, and subsidize foods that are actually good for us. Please, once and for all.

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