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Food Pharmacy – The Cookbook is finally here!

Sitting on the dock of the bay (or Aker brygge, a seaside promenade in Oslo, Norway), holding this priceless gem in our hands. Here it is: Food Pharmacy – The Cookbook (available so far only in Swedish). Our first book’s baby sister has finally arrived from the printing office. And it’s every bit as perfect as we could have hoped.

With one tiiiiiny, tiiiiiny exception. It’s soaking wet.

We’re on a sailboat and last night, when it was stuffy and suffocating, someone (Mia) opened a window, that someone (Mia) forgot to close when it was time for departure. So now, our much longed-for, anti-inflammatory cookbook (that by now should have filled our nostrils with printing ink), smells like seaweed, saltwater, and perhaps, septic tank.

Anyhow, we’ll try and flick through a few pages (fingers crossed it stays together).

We guess it’s no longer a secret that it consists of five chapters: The Blender, Instead of a Sandwich, Everyday Cooking, Fine Dining, and Friday Night Snacks. The granola squares above is from the chapter Friday Night Snacks, and they will make you grin like a Cheshire cat.

And, oh, this Bibimbap. Let’s just say, it’s not by any means repulsive, quite the opposite.  It’s from the chapter Fine Dining, in which we also treat you and your gut flora to three pretty perfect three-course dinner menus.  

And here’s a glimpse of the “pangbiffar” from the chapter Everyday Cooking (veggie patties that have absolutely nothing in common with “pannbiffar”, or Swedish meat patties, that are often served in Swedish schools).

The chapter Instead of a Sandwich contains all kinds of recipes, like muffins, yogurt, ice cream, smoothies and golden oatmeal. Well, no sandwiches, surprise, surprise.

The first chapter – The Blender – almost exclusively contains meals and snacks prepared in under 5 minutes. Including the soup above – Food Pharmacy’s pumpkin soup with a busload of cilantro.

In Food Pharmacy – The Cookbook, you will also find a solid/soaking wet background chapter. It’s like a recap or a fast-forward version of the first book (but with some new angles and approaches).

And now, we would like to say thank you to all those involved. And once again, sorry for dropping this precious beauty into the ocean.

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