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Watermelon smoothie with raspberries and mint.

A watermelon smoothie. Have you ever heard of such a delicious thing? Never? Follow our lead:

Reach for 1/2 watermelon, 1 cup raspberries and 5 mint leaves. Mix it all in the blender (including the seeds from the watermelon).

Pick a sunny place (or shady if it’s one of those days), sit down and drink. It doesn’t matter if it’s an armchair, a bed or a floorboard, but you have to stay there for a couple of minutes and enjoy this smoothie. Those are the rules.

All done? Ok, you can get back up.

Question: You always include the seeds, why is that?
Answer: Because most of the nutrients are found in the core and the seeds. We actually wrote about this a couple of days ago. Scroll down, or follow this link.

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