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Three ways to add more nutrients.

The nutrients in fruits and vegetables are not as evenly distributed as you would think. Did you know that there are so many ways to maximize the intake of nutrients? Remember this the next time you’re about to munch on some fruits or vegetables. It’s so simple. 

1 Don’t throw away tops and leaves.

Traditionally, we’ve always eaten the part of the vegetable that contains the least amount of nutrients. If you’re about to have a carrot or leek for dinner, it’s a shame to throw away the tops. Think again and chop some more!

2 Don’t throw away seeds.

The same goes for the core – the most wholesome parts are often those that many forget about: stones, seeds and the core. So please don’t hesitate to swallow the whole core, the next time you’re snacking on an apple. Also, try to use 1/4 of the avocado seed the next time you add an avocado to your smoothie (but leave it at 1/4, otherwise it will get bitter).

3 Don’t peel. 

Most of the nutrients are found in the skin! Make sure to always buy organic and don’t forget to wash your fruits and vegetables. Buy a citrus zester and finely grate the the skin of a lemon, lime or orange. Add to a dressing or a salad. And remember, the “white part under the skin” of citrus fruits (whatever it’s called) is very good for you as well. Try not to remove it, even if it’s slightly bitter, the next time someone hands you an orange.

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