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Stig’s synbiotics for adults with ADHD.

Exciting news!

Last fall, professor Stig’s bacteria and fibre supplement Synbiotic15 was chosen for a randomized clinical study at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. The purpose was to learn more about treatments for children with ADHD. In the midst of it all, we interviewed Catharina Lavebratt, head of the trial, and asked why she had chosen Stig’s synbiotics for the study. Happily for us who eat them, she said that the main focus of the study, and the reason she decided to use Stig’s synbiotics, was their proven anti-inflammatory effects.

We know that Karolinska Institutet has wished to expand the scope of the study to include adults. But since it’s difficult to finance research that is not funded by pharmaceutical companies, its future has been hanging in the balance. Finally the other day, we were informed that the scope has now expanded to include both children and adults. Exciting! Good! Important!

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