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Question from reader: What do you mean by “normal consumption”?

A couple of days ago, we published part 2 of our serial about soy. The same day, one of our readers asked what we meant by “normal or moderate consumption of soy”. Normal for whom? To the average meat eating swede, soy is the sauce that comes with sushi, or perhaps, one of many ingredients in a casserole. Vegetarians and vegans consume a lot more soy products, in the form of tofu, tofu-based sandwich fillings, and green soybeans. Japanese people consume even more soy-based foods, but also more iodine-rich foods,  like edible seaweed. The question remains, how do you define “normal”?

Well, we asked Anki:

Anki, what do you mean by “normal” consumption of soy?

– It depends on the person. In this context, I (Anki) would say that it’s a non-excessive intake – from a physiological perspective, consuming soy as “food” and part of a balanced diet, and not as a dietary supplement (in extreme amounts), is considered normal.

Does that mean that you can eat vegan, soy yogurt instead of regular yogurt, and tofu instead of meat everyday, and still be on the safe side?

– With respects to the phytoestrogens, and and if you’re healthy, yes.

Here’s part 1 and 2:
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