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Yesterday, we squeezed into a small (and very hot!) cell-like room at Acast (a platform for podcasts), put on our headphones and recorded an episode of a podcast called Speaking of Stories. So much fun! Talked ourselves hoarse about inflammation and praised our lasagna (you’ll find it in our cookbook). The episode will be released in August, more or less at the same time as our cookbook. We promise to keep you posted.

Back on the sunny streets of Stockholm, all of a sudden, it hit us:

Isn’t it time to get on with it and start a podcast of our own? You know, once and for all? What are we waiting for?

We decided to spend the summer thinking it over. Giving the idea a shot. So please, hit us up with ideas, suggestions and valuable input. Message us below, or send us your thoughts to info@foodpharmacy.se.

Or, if you would like to sponsor this project and help “enhance the public health”, please get in touch, hehe.

You’re more than welcome to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And buy our book in Polish here and professor Stig Bengmark’s synbiotic here.



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