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And so it happens.

Sometimes you doubt yourself. When you’ve prepared chickpea balls instead of meatballs for dinner, and the kids won’t even try the food. When they say you’re mean, just because you don’t buy Fanta. When they look you deep in the eyes and tell you that they want to move in with Anastasia, the girl in the second grade at school, because her family has blood pudding for dinner every night (a Swedish dish made of animal blood, remember?).

Let’s be honest here. In moments like these, of course, there’s doubt. We could be on the wrong track. All the effort and the struggle, gosh hope not, could have the opposite effect. What if our kids become obsessed with sugar, just because they live in a sugar-free home? What if they will get fed up one day and rise in rebellion, just because we’ve said no when they’ve asked for soda, and fed them kale chips on Friday nights?

And so it happens. It’s one of those ordinary Monday evenings in June, when one of our 9-year-olds goes to the kitchen to make a smoothie for dinner – with baby spinach, frozen blueberries, banana, yoghurt, avocado, synbiotics (the full dose!), and Vitamin D. And that’s when the penny drops.

The trick is not to force your kids to eat food they don’t like, or to forbid them from eating things they like.

The trick is to lead by example.

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