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The bean dip that works wonders in controlling blood sugar levels.

Why don’t we learn about the impact of blood sugar levels on our overall health in school?

This is the question we’ve asked ourselves time and again since the day we started this blog. Before we started obsessing about food and how it affects our bodies, we avoided articles which included the word “blood sugar”. Mainly because we thought that every time we heard “blood sugar levels” and “diet” in the same sentence, we thought we were getting silly advice on how to lose weight. But now, on this pilgrimage towards a healthier life, we’re so hung up on blood sugar (to our big surprise) and how it affects our bodies. Holy moly! A whole new world opened up to us. We thought we had done our homework (apparently not), and could not grasp the fact that we had overlooked the importance of blood sugar balance and how it affects our health. To put it simply, the western world’s large intake of sugar and sugar-like foods (foods that act like sugar in your body), cause inflammation, which lead to an increased risk of chronic disease. Don’t get us wrong, we love woodwork and handicraft, but shouldn’t this be part of the school curriculum too?

Our lovely friend and sugar mentor – the science journalist Ann Fernholm – has taught us about the risks associated with elevated blood sugar levels. And now, she has given us the news we’ve been waiting for: beans benefit blood sugar control. Short and sweet, after a lot of experimenting, Patrik (who has type 1 diabetes) has come to the conclusion that beans work wonders in controlling your blood sugar levels. In some cases, there weren’t any blood sugar spikes at all.

Wait, we may have a can of kidney beans in the kitchen. Maybe it’s time to actually use them for something?

Maybe it’s time to mix the beans with a clove of garlic, juice from 1/2 lemon, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1 tbsp olive oil, some dried chilli and a pinch of salt?

Maybe it’s time to dip a carrot stick into the dip, as far down as you possibly can?

Maybe it’s time to slowly move that carrot stick loaded with dip towards your mouth?

Maybe it’s time to taste the bean dip?

It’s incredible how something so delicious will help control your blood sugar levels. Almost too good to be true! Please try this at home.

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