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Food Pharmacy recommends: Rutabaga in Stockholm.

Last Wednesday we did something extraordinarily exciting – we pattered up to our dear publishing house to celebrate our successful book. So much fun! Refreshments were served, speeches were made, and there were green bananas and raw food delicacies from Stockholm raw. Roar!

But the night didn’t end there. No, after the party we trotted through a snowy Stockholm and ended up outside Mathias Dahlgren’s new lacto-ovo vegetarian restaurant Rutabaga. We entered.

So nice and delicious! We were so giddily excited that we forgot to take pictures, but hey, at least our photographer and publisher remembered to photograph the snacks.

And here are two of the courses. That pumpkin with licorice to the left… Mmm… You’ll never want to brush your teeth again.

Anyhow. As you may already know, rutabaga, also known as Swedish turnip, is a root vegetable (a cross between cabbage and turnip). The word rutabaga, which is also the common North American term for the plant, is an old Swedish dialectal word.

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