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Eat this every day to prevent chronic disease.

Consuming 30 grams of resistant starch a day, may help prevent a number of chronic diseases. This is according to Stacey Lockyer, who has written an overview of the past years’ research on resistant starch. The article is published in the British journal Nutrition Bulletin.  

Is it possible to have a favorite fiber? Yes, why not? Resistant starch quickly became ours, after Stig had told us about this incredible fiber, highly loved by our gut flora. Resistant starch cannot be broken down by the digestive enzymes. Instead, it travels in peace all the way down to the good bacteria in the colon, where it stimulates the growth of even more good bacteria. These bacteria then produce butyric acids. Butyric acids are considered one of the most powerful weapons against chronic (low-grade) inflammation, something many of us have without knowing it.

There is a correlation between chronic inflammation and chronic disease. Resistant starch can significantly help improve the gut bacteria, and may influence obesity and other associated metabolic imbalances, including insulin resistance, high blood pressure and abnormal blood lipid profiles. Resistant starch may also help control blood sugar, and reduce colon cancer risk among meat eaters. The icing on the cake is that resistant starch may decrease hunger and help you feel fuller longer.

So, how much is 30 grams a day? It’s actually not a bizarre amount at all. We would say it equals the amount you would get from following any traditional diet. In the western world, where we unfortunately eat a lot of processed and nutrient-poor foods, we’re eating a diet that is already too low in fiber. On top of that, of these fibers, only about 5 grams consist of resistant starch. If you want to boost your intake of resistant starch, we suggest you eat green bananas, legumes, sauerkraut, and why not add some raw potatoes to your smoothie (we promise it’s not that bad).

Here’s the article about resistant starch, published in Nutrition Bulletin.

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