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Yoga retreat.

We’re finally on our way to the yoga retreat at Shanti-som in Marbella, Spain, that we helped put together. Here you have Mia’s view at Düsseldorf Airport. A cold potato salad, for like 500 euro. An overheated headset on the horizon. Lina across the table reading Proust out loud, and… But hey, wait. Where’s Lina?

She’ll be here in a minute.

Let’s hope so.

Don’t expect to be able to go to Paris on short notice, cancel your ticket from Stockholm to Düsseldorf, book a flight from Paris to Düsseldorf, and then expect your old ticket from Düsseldorf to Malaga to still be there. Because it won’t. End of message.

However, Lina is finally on her way and if all goes well, she’ll be at gate B53 (Lina, I’m repeating: GATE 53) in an hour. That is, If all goes well.

Otherwise, Mia will have to give lectures on her own for four days. And Lina? Well, I guess she will have to do a Tom Hanks, or something like that.

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