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Sneak peek of the cookbook.

We haven’t been posting that many recipes lately, and the excuse is we’ve been busy preparing and taking photos for our new cookbook. We spend all our time testing, tasting and fine-tuning, and when it’s finally time for dinner we’re stuffed.

Anyhow, we took a lot of sneak peek photos while we were shooting yesterday, but only in portrait shape. So, either you’re able to overlook it, or you’ll turn your computer or phone sideways right away (it will be harder to read though).

Look! Our precious granola pays another visit to the cookbook. This time in the shape of a cookie. An insanely delicious cookie.

A couple of incredible boosters: horizontal pickled red onions (obviously without sugar), horizontal quick kimchi (that won’t ever go bad), and horizontal homemade, super creamy coleslaw.

There’s a full chapter about fine dining too. You know, OUR take on fine dining. No complicated bananas flambe, or time-consuming tournedos with green pepper sauce. Just recipes that will require a tiiiny bit more effort than your everyday dinner.

That’s all folks. Beautiful, right?

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