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Matcha – a new substitute for coffee?

Lina is finally back from Tokyo and brought home a big jar of emerald green Matha tea + a wooden whisk. Thank you Japan, we will start whisking our Matcha already today!

But, the same second we write this the old ladies suddenly start to doubt. Is this just another trend? Lucky enough we have a 20 year old intern, Hema-Lou, from Paris that has a friend working at Koyu Matcha. Hema-Lou had a cup of tea and a chat with her friend.

So, what is matcha tea?
It is a Japanese powedered green tea used for traditional ceremonies in Japan – the particularity of this tea is that you consume the hole leaf instead of only infusing it. Which explains that you have more nutritional benefits than regular green tea. Perhaps, one cup of Matcha tea represents ten cups of regular green tea.

Why should I drink matcha tea ?
For calm and clean energy. It has lower bad side effects than coffee. It gives you energy without the effects on your nervous system. Matcha is full of l-theanine which gives the necessary energy for your body and brain. Furthermore it helps you to stay focused – it is good to include it in your diet if your are pro-active in your work and life.

Has it long term effects on you also?
In fact, it have hundred times more antioxidants than regular green tea so, in terms of long term, matcha tea can have important benefits such as cancer prevention, longetivity, protection against heart disease, diabetes, stroke prevention, lower cholesterol level, liver protection, it improves memory, protect skins from UV damage and increases sport endurance.

How can I consume it ?
You can have it the traditional way which is with hot water. Or with soya milk or almond milk which tastes really good (though you have to dissolve it in hot water first). Or you can cook with it, for example bake cakes or put it in smoothies for the green color.

Thank you so much, Hema-Lou, now the old ladies know!

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