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Lifestyle changes – a cheap, safe and simple treatment?

Yesterday, we told you about a study that showed a significant correlation between diet and risk of depression. The first time we bumped into that study was a couple of days ago, while we were waiting for a delayed flight to Tokyo.

Lina looks up from her newspaper.

– But, hello?

Mia glances back at her.

– Yes, hello what?

Lina points down at her paper.

– How much evidence do we need?

– Evidence for what?

– Sorry, I’m reading about new research that suggests a healthy diet can help reduce depressive symptoms. In the last few years, extensive observational studies, laboratory experiments and animal research have showed a significant connection between diet, gut bacteria and mental health. And yet nothing changes.

Lina interrupts herself.

– Well you know, I’m not saying you have to choose between medicine or diet change. One need not exclude the other. If I were ill, I would not have hesitated to try a simple, cheap and safe treatment, that has shown good results for many patients. If only someone would have told me HOW I was supposed to improve my diet.

Mia leans in towards Lina in order to see the article. She thinks out loud.

– Yes, and it applies not only to menta…

Lina interrupts her.

– And look at this! Apparently, drugs only help in half of the cases. However, doctors don’t seem to have a problem recommending them to patients. Despite severe side effects, and high costs for taxpayers.

– When you put it like that, I don’t get why they can’t suggest diet change as a possible treatment. Of course, we still need more research, but why twiddle our thumbs waiting for it? Why not give it a go? There’s nothing to lose.

– No, quite the opposite. Even if a change of diet wouldn’t help everyone, it will definitely have a positive impact, and help many. If so, every day of sitting around waiting for new research, amounts to lots of unnecessary suffering.

Lina’s flight to Tokyo is finally ready for boarding. Lina gathers her things. Mia hesitates.

– I’m not going.

– What? Aren’t you coming?

– No, I’m going skiing, it’s winter break.

– Ah, THAT’S why you’re wearing base layers. I thought that was odd, but now I get it.



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