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Back in Stockholm.

Yesterday morning two tired, inspired, red cheeked bloggers landed in Sweden. It´s been three quite busy days in Poland. We have done about ten interviews, a commercial för Cosmopolitan (the magazine, not the cocktail), a three hour long tv-show and a book signing. And, on top on this, we brought our kids (age 6-9) on the trip. The last days took the word “multitasking” to a new level, haha. We will collect all nice pictures and make a longer post later this week, but today we will just … well … take deep breaths and spoil our good bacteria with some rest and lots of good food.

Our polish agent and new BFF Magdalena sent us the links from the tv-show, so here we go:,2064,n/w-kuchni-ddtvn-jedzenie-ktore-leczy,223197.html

A bit of a strange feeling to be dubbed live in Polish, but lots of fun to share our message and turmeric shot.


After the show we took a picture with Kinga and Piotr. Please notice how quick Mia (on the right) copied Kingas pose. Right foot before left, look into the camera, smile! Lina didn’t really get it this time, but she has promised she will make a bigger effort next time.

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