So, today we met up with our photographer in a sunny Stockholm and started to take photos for our next book  – the cookbook. We would, of course, have loved to show you all the pictures, but then it wouldn’t be any surprise at all when the book is launched this fall. What about a compromise? What about us showing you some behind the scenes-pictures today?


The yummiest meatballs we’ve ever tried (without meat, of course). We will never cook any other meatballs after having tried these little munchies.


An extremely tasty and anti-inflammatory soup with red chili, coconut milk and cilantro. And best of all: the soup takes under, and this is not a joke, three minutes to make.


The best part of writing a cookbook is all food you have to eat. See that creamy, salty peanut butter sauce on the salad? OMG.

IMG_3896Then our lovely French intern Hema-Lou and Lina ran out to catch some Vitamine D. And now it’s time to cook a Jerusalem artichoke soup and Food Pharmacy’s Bridge mix. What that is? Well, time will tell (if you buy our cookbook, ha ha).

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