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Can your eating habits help eliminate heart disease?

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A major Spanish study was stopped early, due to ethical dilemmas. The purpose was to study the relationship between diet, and the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. The participants were divided into groups, and for those whose diet contained herbs, leafy greens, beans, lentils, chickpeas, and olive oil (i.e. a traditional Mediterranean diet), the risk of dying from heart disease was significantly lower than for the participants in the other group, who were on a fat reducing diet. The results were so clear, the researchers considered it unethical to continue letting the other participants stay on a fat reduced  diet.

This reminds us of something else.

Shortly after we started our blog, we interviewed David Stenholtz, a senior consultant of Oncology, who told us that most chronic diseases can be prevented by healthy eating habits. He rattled off a number of diseases, and the first one that came out of his mouth was in fact cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in Sweden, with over 1.9 million sufferers.

With the Spanish study and David’s words in the back of our heads, we’re having a hard time understanding why this has not reached the ears of more people. If your diet may have an enormous beneficial impact on preventing cardiovascular disease – why don’t people know about it?

The study:

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