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Can you overdose on vitamin D?

First, you panic thinking you might have vitamin D deficiency. So you take vitamin D supplements. But then, you panic again and worry you might have taken too much. This is just way too difficult. Seriously, what’s the deal here? 

Our dear professor Stig Bengmark taught us early on that vitamin D deficiency has been associated with many diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, MS, depression and infertility. Studies show that vitamin D is necessary to activate the immune system, but also a good weapon against an overactive immune system, which is the source of autoimmune disease. In Sweden, a majority of the population suffers from low levels of vitamin D, at least during the winter, and this seems to be a pattern in other countries as well: more than half of the British and the American population are low in vitamin D, and over 10 % suffer from more pronounced vitamin D deficiency.

According to an article in the Swedish magazine Science Illustrated, a daily dose of 20 minutes of sunshine is enough to reach ideal vitamin D levels, during the summertime. And 20 minutes in the sun gives you approximately 250 micrograms – 50 times more than the daily dose of five mcg that is recommended by many authorities. As we move down the page, we understand that, in order for us to reach that same amount of vitamin D from other sources than the sun, you would need a daily dose of a) one kilogram of salmon, b) 50 glasses of milk, or c) 50 multivitamin supplements. The article refers to studies showing that a healthy person would need an intake of 1000 micrograms of vitamin D, in order for it to cause vomiting, headache, or heart disease.

We believe that you should never overdose on anything, but it’s pretty clear that the problem in this case isn’t overdosing, but quite the opposite. Professor Stig himself eats a higher dose of vitamin D than what’s recommended by the Swedish National Food Administration – 5000 IU daily, all year round – which is equivalent to 125 micrograms.

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